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Has this blog “fallen prey” to the nihilist impulse?

June 4, 2010

Does anything even matter anymore?


The teacup metaphor in hipster discourse

May 21, 2010


The teacup embodies the emptiness of life (if it’s empty), but also shows just how meaningful life is (if it’s full). The existentialism of the teacup is there because it is you who gets to decide whether to fill it or not, and what to fill it with.

I think the mainstream only fill their teacups with tea, but that I am able to fill my teacup with something more relevant/appropriate. Part of me feels that what goes on inside the teacup is an important process that we can all relate to in life outside the teacup.

We fill our teacups with a liquid when we are in the process of transformation, when we have discovered something that we must change about our aesthetic. At other times, when we have established ourselves in the “scene” and are “happy” with our look, the contents of our teacups are solid.

What is in your teacups in 2010? Do you think this stage of your epistemology is in flux, or have you reached a temporary plateau in your search for authenticity/the ironic peak?

I think my life now is pretty stable and so my teacup is filled with brown moleskin and some overdyed purple denim.

Needed something to match my RSS button.Trying to bring the troops home.

These are some pretty heavy fabrics that are filling my teacup and they symbolise just how rigid my life is right now. Also think that maybe this is a sign that something really heavy and meaningful will become relevant soon. Will mean that I have to reevaluate where I’m going in life.

Maybe after Winter it will be time to sit around with some of your more postmodern bros, borrow some filters, roll a cigarette and reconsider direction. Direction that life/trends/genres are heading in. Maybe we will find that we need to be becoming some more in order to stay relevant.  We will need to fill our teacups with something more liquid. Hope to have some lighter materials in there in time for summer.

Do you think that we adjust the contents of our teacups based on seasonal changes in weather/fashion? Have you ever dismissed a band/album because you didn’t feel that it was emulsifying well with the contents of your teacup? Or have you made room for the band based on buzz/hype/blogs? Do our teacups shape us, or do we shape our teacups?

I think teacups are the perfect metaphor for the what life really is “all about”. Feel that all of us should at least have a teacup inside our teacups.

Do you think Morrissey is cool?

May 5, 2010

I think the gesticulating in this video is pretty existentialist. You can see that he really cares about nobody wanting his love.

I enjoyed the pretty subtle breakdown of the heteronormative with the use of the pug with the springy ears, which also worked really well to highlight his puffy shirt.

Was Morrissey’s love of Paris convincing? I see the Paris metaphor as eschewing the conventions of late capitalism in favour of a desexualising shift in the subject of pleasure. This is pretty obvious considering Morrissey’s explicit fetish for stone and steel.

Do you think Paris is phallic? Should we only be listening to artists who are not themselves hipsters? Or is Vampire Weekend sometimes ok? I think this is problematic because once you accept an aesthetic it is pretty reactionary to stray from it.

It’s pretty paradoxical that Morrissey can rule over hipsters without gentrifying their aesthetic. Do you think this makes Morrissey ironic enough?

Do you think hipsters need to go back to their roots, or should Morrissey indulge in a revisionism of his own history?

Is Nietzsche important to my aesthetics?

May 3, 2010

I was reading Nietzsche on the train last week but nobody noticed. I must have been doing something wrong. Maybe my esoteric sweater was distracting people from how intellectual I was. Or maybe Nietzsche isn’t really in vogue right now? Sartre was all the rage last season. Can you tell me if Nietzsche is the new Sartre, or are we supposed to read Kierkegaard?

I think I am still going to give it another shot. I’m going to buy this edition:

His name is printed in large sans-serif capital letters on the cover so people will have to pay attention. I will maybe also wear some darker colours so I look more sophisticated. What do you think I should wear to get noticed? What goes well with Nietzsche? I think maybe I should go for Pima cotton instead of wool because Nietzsche would have supported the colonising process that was involved in bringing the cotton to Westerners, and how the slaves were treated in the cotton plantations. Only someone like the Übermensch can own slaves, so I am emulating the Übermensch by wearing cotton.

I think shoes are important too. You can tell how the idealism of people will be just by looking at their shoes, which is pretty important. Can shoes also reveal people’s metaphysics? What shoes should I wear while reading Nietzsche on the train?

Do you think I will get noticed?

Do you think the notion of noblesse oblige applies in Nietzschean morality?

If I shop only at thrift stores do I still have to help the poor?

Do you think starting this blog is obscure enough?

Do you think starting this blog about my life is a good idea? I think it is important because I may be an Übermensch.


April 24, 2010